1. Lackadaisical


Lyrics by K M Brierley 2021

When I met with you, I couldn't undo the burning I was feeling inside
But it wasn't long 'till right turned to wrong and all of your faults magnified
I tried to be cool, 'cos I am no fool, was looking for some light in the dark
But it came to me, this ain't gonna be, your loving wasn't up to the mark

You're lack, lackadaisical
Lazy article!
Don't blame me!

I'd send you a text so you don't forget that half the day had already passed
I'd get no reply, you're shutting your eyes 'cos getting up, you couldn't be asked
We went to the doc to try to unlock the reason why you're always in bed
He had a good look, made notes in his book then turned around to us and he said

Chorus X 2

Don't you ever blame me, don't you ever blame me!
Don't you ever, don't you ever, don't you ever, don't you ever
Don't you ever blame me!

Chorus X 2

The future is bleak, if you're counting sheep, I need someone to keep me alive
There's no going back, your battery's flat, our two worlds can no longer collide.
You try to insist, there's nothing amiss and we should just keep plodding along
Your reasoning sucks, you've run outta luck, just listen to the words in this song

Chorus: X 2
Don't blame me!