From the recording My Better Half Was Me

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My Better Half Was Me
Lyrics by K M Brierley © 2021

When I was younger, I started feeling this hunger
Always looking to date this one and that
And I used to get drunker
Some were just needy, others wanted to bleed me
Couldn't wait to serve this, a bullet sealed with a kiss

Now I'm starting to see, my better half was me
Now I'm starting to see, my better half was me

As I grew older, I got a chip on my shoulder
Standards higher than they had ever been
And I used to stay sober
Proposals abundant, making Cupid redundant
But they came with a price, a suffocating device

I don't want to
Always make do

Now that I'm wiser, I am no longer a fighter
Don't go looking for a partner in crime
I'm my own supervisor
Won't ask for permission, follow my own ambition
Will be true to myself, no time for anyone else

Chorus X 2

My better half was me!